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Updates on Compliance and the Drug Testing Landscape


No evidence that opioids are effective for long-term pain management, NIH panel says

There is no solid research showing that long-term opioid use is an effective treatment for chronic pain, a National Institutes of Health panel has determined.

The findings could undermine arguments from long-term care providers, who protested recent regulatory changes that restricted opioid access. Providers said that many residents rely on timely access to these drugs, such as Vicodin, to manage their ongoing pain.

Existing scholarly literature does not show that these potentially addictive drugs are especially good at treating chronic pain for periods of a year or more, the seven-member NIH panel found. The group’s report is based on a two-day hearing with an independent agency that reviewed available English-language studies on this topic.

Gender of Provider May Impact Pain Management Practices

Does the gender of a provider impact how they prescribe?

A new study published in Pain Medicine found that male and female general practitioners (GPs) prescribe analgesics to older patients in a similar manner but differ in their prescribing habits for antineuropathic pain drugs and symptomatic slow-acting drugs for osteoarthritis.

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