For 12 Years, Summit Diagnostics has Brought Stability to the Drug Testing Industry

Welcome to Summit Diagnostics. Twelve years ago, the Summit Diagnostics leadership team had a goal to create a company that truly understands the needs of medical professionals in the drug and alcohol testing industry.

Our vision was to help clients through the many pieces necessary to treat patients suffering from addiction.

Over those 12 years, Summit Diagnostics continues to see that vision through. We provide our clients with every tool necessary in their treatment of patients; Prescription monitoring, toxicology lab services, compliance services, and high quality drug testing devices.

With a strict emphasis on compliance, Summit has worked with thousands of clients to assure patient safety in their road to recovery, while helping to protect medical professional’s liability.

– George Powell
– CEO & Founder


George Powell CEO and Founder

George brings over 30 years of medical leadership experience to Summit Diagnostics. In 2007 he founded Summit Diagnostics to help clients understand the growing drug testing market. He established standards that led the way and helped reduce costs

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Chris Lowery, President of Summit Diagnostics

Chris Lowery currently serves Summit Diagnostics as President. He leads our efforts in clinical sales, national accounts, business development, and laboratory partnerships. Chris and his teams enable us to bring the full value of the Summit Diagnost

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Nancy Williams, Director of Sales, Infectious Disease

Nancy always wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. It was only fitting that after working in operations management, she chose a career in medical sales. She could see the value in bringing quality services and devices to improve the live

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Jenny Mathieu, National Sales Director, Summit Diagnostics

Jenny's passion for sales and customer service has been a way of life since the young age of 5-selling Girl Scout cookies and magazines -enough to travel to Europe! She now leads a troop of over 30 girls instilling core values, leadership skills, top

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Rick Mansfield, Operations Director and Lab Liaison

Rick recently joined the Summit Diagnostics team as our Operations Director. He has a long and distinguished track in operations, staffing, strategic planning, and performance improvement. He has been instrumental in streamlining processes and implem

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Lloyd Smith, Director of Compliance

H. LLoyd Smith serves as Compliance Officer for Summit Diagnostics. In this role, he is responsible for leading the internal processes for promoting and ensuring Summit’s compliance with laws, regulations, company policies and contracts. He is als

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Nechol Thayer, Specialist Long Term Care market

Nechol Thayer serves as our Director of Long Term Care. She brings a wealth of medical sales leadership experience to Summit, having developed and led sales teams within the pharmaceutical, capital equipment, and clinical and toxicology arenas. Cli

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Joanna, Martyak, Specialist Hospital Market

Joanna is currently working in the addiction and recovery portion of diagnostics while focusing on community healthcare growth. Joanna has over 10 years of experience in pharma and the diagnostic arena and 18 years experience in marketing, adverti

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