Air Purification Systems

Protect your customers, employees, and your family from COVID-19, Coronaviruses, and Deadly airborne pathogens with VironAire Air Purification Systems; the most advanced air purification system ever. The patent pending system is the biggest advancement of purification technology in a generation. More than improved, it’s revolutionary.

Right now, in your home and office, millions, if not BILLIONS of particles and toxins are floating around you: COVID-19, Coronaviruses, bacteria, germs, mold spores, smoke, allergens, and other airborne pathogens

Existing HVAC systems were not designed to fight these toxic airborne pathogens and typically use less efficient MERV filters. VironAire is the perfect supplement and solution to keeping your air clean and safe for your family, customers, and employees!

VironAire’s sterilization processes is able to destroy and degrade coronaviruses such as COVID-19, H1N1 and all other airborne pathogens!

SGS Certified – Proof-positive that we certifiably kill the viruses, creating cleaner, health friendly air in your environment.

Advanced Technologies

  • Electrostatic Pre-Fileter
  • True HEPA (H13)
  • Active Carbon Filter
  • Molecular Sieve
  • Cold Satalyst
  • PCO Photocatalyst
  • Negative Charged Ions
  • 5-10M Anions/Cubic cm
  • Far UV-C Ultraviolet
  • Quiet Operation 43db-60db

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