Urine Drug Testing is a simple and quick procedure where a patient provides a urine sample in a clinical setting for the purpose of medication monitoring. UDT is essential for doctors and medical professionals who are prescribing any medications that have the potential for addiction, abuse, drug-to-drug interaction, or diversion. Drug testing keeps patients safe while allowing doctors to provide better medicine and protect their liability.

Summit Urine Drug Testing (UDT) features:
  • 24-48 Hour Turn Around Time
  • Online Reporting
  • EMR Capability
  • Customizable drug testing programs
  • Compliant Billing Practices

Our UDT Program Features:
  1. ETG – Alcohol Metabolite Test (Up to 80 hours after alcohol use)
  2. Easy to use and implement testing protocols
  3. Detection of possible illicit drug or prescription medication use
  4. Easy-to-interpret reports to assist physicians to determine individual treatment programs for patients
  5. Accurate and timely results that can affect overall health of patients

Our Drug Safety program is designed for two ultimate purposes:
  1. To improve your patients health and quality of life
  2. To assist you in running a compliant and responsible prescribing office
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