Summit Drug Metabolism testing (pharmacogenomic testing) can help determine which medications will be most effective for each patient by testing the patient’s genetic ability to metabolize drugs. By using this responsible, personalized approach to prescribing, Summit can help clinicians:

  • Choose the correct medication for each individual patient from the start
  • Prevent adverse drug reactions
  • Shorten treatment times
  • Reduce personal liability
  • Achieve better treatment outcomes.

The Drug Metabolism Test moves prescribing away from the trial and error approach and toward a more informed, focused, and individualized route.

The patient is administered a simple, non-invasive buccal swab or saliva test. The sample is delivered to the laboratory, and in 5-7 days an easy-to-read and actionable result is returned to the physician, detailing the patient’s genetic profile and their response to any indicated medications. The results can also be discussed with the medical director of the laboratory at the physician’s request.

The Drug Metabolism Test offers information on over 80% of prescribed medications. The test is performed once and is covered by many insurances for specific medical necessities.

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