Specimen Adulteration by Use of Synthetic Urine is a Major Threat:

  • Synthetic Urine is a threat to Your Prescription Monitoring
  • Synthetic Urine is a threat to the Recovery Effort
  • Synthetic Urine is a threat to Workers Compensation
  • Synthetic Urine is a threat to Hiring the Right Candidate and Liability in the Workplace

The Facts:

  • DEA states over 10% of all drug tests are Adulterated
  • Synthetic Urine market is a $1B industry – sold online
  • Easy to obtain and administer synthetic urine
  • Users unimpeded even by Observed Collection
  • Undetectable…….Until NOW

Summit Diagnostics, the leader in innovative testing now offers Real Validity Testing that provides our clients with confidence knowing that samples are real, unadulterated or replaced with Synthetics.

Call Summit Diagnostics and one of our Experts will help you with all of your testing needs from point of care to our REVOLUTIONARY NEW Synthetic testing program.

Call 1-800-377-6481 or email us at

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