Temperature Screening

Since the emergence of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Temperature Screening is more important than ever. Luckily, Summit Diagnostics is now offering FeverWarn! An easy to use, reliable, and accurate temperature screening device that fits perfectly with all Businesses and Medical Facilities.

FeverWarn has now sold thousands of units throughout North America and has sold into the following applications:

  • School staff temperature monitoring
  • Student temperature monitoring
  • Hospital employee temperature monitoring
  • Industrial plant employee temperature monitoring
  • Public facilities employee temperature monitoring
  • Visitor temperature monitoring for industrial applications
  • Beta visitor temperature monitoring for health care facilities

Why FeverWarn is Best among Thermal Scanners

Accuracy. Reliability. Simplicity. Safety

Why take Temperature at the Wrist?

Integrations with Doors, Gates, and Employee Tracking Systems

Advantages of FeverWarn

  • FeverWarn only measures temperature. It does not identify the individual or retain any personal information whatsoever.
  • If customers do not wish the temperature data to go to the Microsoft cloud, it can be pushed to an internal server to keep the data locally.
  • We are absolutely committed to privacy by avoiding personnel information and assisting with local storage as required.

Which FeverWarn product is right for you?

Call Summit Diagnostics for Pricing and Questions today! Speak directly with a representative at 603-458-2385

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