UTI with Antibiotic Resistance Panel


Urinary tract infection (UTI) is the second most common type of infection in the US, accounting for 10.5 million office visits per year and 50 percent of all Medicare hospital admissions.

The Facts about Urinary Tract Infections

  • UTI is among the most common cause of bacterial infections in long-term care facility residents.
  • Effective treatment of a UTI depends on the accurate identification of the pathogen(s) and the correct choice of antibiotic(s).
  • About 60 percent of all women will develop a UTI during their lifetime.§ Of those, 25 to 30 percent are likely to have a repeat infection.
  • These infections can be devastating. Complicated or untreated UTIs frequently cause sepsis in older adults above 65 years of age, with mortality ranging from 25-60%.
  • About 50 percent of all sepsis cases among nursing home residents originate from UTIs.
  • Current culture-based methods for detecting UTI pathogens have several limitations. Those limitations include subjectivity and specificity, length of time to results, and missed positive samples.

*Source: White Paper – Molecular Testing for Urinary Tract Infection (UTI): 2020 Update on Clinical Utility and Reimbursement Trends

Our Test: UTI with Antibiotic Resistance

  • Our Urinary Tract Infection with Antibiotic Resistance test includes an extensive panel of common and uncommon microbial pathogens responsible for acute and chronic urinary tract infections. Antibiotic resistance markers are also available with this test panel.
  • Our UTI-ABR Molecular Test Panel is a screening panel for urinary tract infection that consists of clinical, molecular tests for microorganisms implicated in UTIs including detection of antibiotic resistance.

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